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Strengthening your body will help your golf swing

There is no doubt that proper coaching is the most important element in helping you swing the golf ball in the right direction and as far as possible. But what if you have perfected your golf swing technique, but still aren’t getting close enough to the hole for a hole-in-one?


An experienced golf coach can help you with 80% of improvements in your drive.

Interviews with past personal training clients and golf trainers in Sydney indicate that 80% of improvements in your drive will come from proper golf coaching. Nothing can replace an excellent coach who works with you to improve your stance, your technique and your swing overall.


But you might be missing the 20%.

An average professional male golfer is capable of hitting a drive using a 1 wood over 300 meters. While most of us are not professional golfers, amateurs with the right technique are able to get there. But only if they are maximising their power by driving the legs and hips and the body weight into the swing. Otherwise you may fall short of the 300 yards, which are essential for lowering your handicap significantly.


Golf swing trainingHow do you maximise your the power in your golf swing?

Your drive will improve if you work to improve your balance, flexibility and muscle mass in the right areas. This is where SYDFIT comes in: Personal Trainer Rachel has helped her clients in Sydney improve their core, shoulder, back and leg muscles in especially those areas that are essential for swinging harder, further and better.

Now she is offering personal training to improve your golf drive in Frankfurt, Bad Homburg and Bad Vilbel. Both in Deutsch and for expatriates in English.
Alternatively, if you want to work out your entire body like in a Bootcamp Frankfurt, check out SYDFIT group fitness sessions.


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