Holidays are the best! But how to lose weight after holidays?

I have been on a lot of them recently and have more coming up.  Plus I have my sister and brother-in-law visiting from Australia right now – it is ”Summer” after all!!  New York, Stockholm, Istanbul, Barcelona, San Sebastian… I’m slowly ticking off all the places on my bucket list!

For me, holidays represent a break from one’s normal routine/ lifestyle, meaning I have a free pass to be lazy, eat indulgently and drink a lot.  Therein lies the dilemma; I have been on holiday every weekend since late April and it’s turning into lifestyle.  I know, it’s a tough life when you ‘have to’ go on holidays, right? 😉

The past couple of months have taught me that my understanding of what holidays are is a bit off and needs a wee bit of tweaking   Yes, holidays should be enjoyed and one shouldn’t have to think ”How many calories have I consumed today?”.

But when it comes to over-indulgence I think we are all guilty of taking it a little far.  Who can identify with the ”I’ve had quite a bit to drink already so why stop now, I’m on holidays!”, or the ”I can’t decide which entree, main or dessert I want so ill get them aaaalllll! I’m on holidays!….now i feel sick” moments?  For me, there is always a point when my conscience tells me ‘NO’ but I use my ”I’m on holidays” card and do it anyway.

Stair piggy-backSo, here are some handy tips for your next holiday:

  • Stay hydrated (by drinking water).
  • Order what you want but share meals as much as you can, so you get to try different things in smaller portions.
  • If you aren’t desperate for dessert, don’t get it. If you are, share it.
  • Don’t buy junk food from the market/shops just because you’ve never seen it before.
  • Stay active; walk, hike, swim, cycle! (and maybe carry friends up stairs)

And when you get back from holidays, don’t freak out over a little weight gain. You could be retaining water, or maybe you have put on some fat, but freaking out and going on an emergency diet will just confuse your body.  Go back to eating normal healthy foods in your normal portion sizes and you will be back to feeling and looking your normal self in no time!

Happy Holidays!