Ah, Food.  My one true love.  That’s not true, but I find it hard to think about anything else when thinking of food.  I really miss Sydney and the variety of deliciousness I took for granted.  I’m salivating just thinking of Queenies in Surry Hills and their soft shell crab with sweet potato fries and my favourite cocktail, Dutty Riddim.  I could cry.

ANYWAY!!  It has been hard here for me in Frankfurt/Germany with the lack of Gastro-creativity.  Don’t get me wrong, they do staples really well, but the food culture here is carb heavy and, in Frankfurt especially, doesn’t include seafood.

I hate to cook and have had to do a lot of it since moving here.  Everyone said I would learn to love it, but I’m pretty sure cooking is something I’ll never enjoy. However one positive effect that it’s had on me is that i know now what I’m putting in  to my body.


Previously I would go out for most meals during week and on the weekend and I’m sure i was eating a lot of oils and ingredients that were toxic and just all round bad, no matter how delicious they were!  I used to suffer a lot from uncomfortable digestive issues and would know it was the food but not do anything drastic to change it.  I was addicted to convenience!

no oreoIt’s much harder here, which is a good thing.  It took me a while to stop buying my favourite chips and oreos, but i finally decided to choose a healthy gut over sugar cravings and crunchy textures.  I’m eating much smaller portions than before (now eating the amount i’m meant to), and making sure I eat enough greens everyday.  I drink a lot of water and make sure i have enough protein in my meals.

I still get pretty strong cravings for junk sometimes, but i have made sure there are alternatives available to me so as not to have a wild binge attack!  I’m guilty of many of those.  It’s as if a ravenous wolf takes over!


I’m still learning a lot about what nutrition works best for me and my body, but so far I’ve had some great results internally and externally.  Try changing just one thing that could be improved upon in your diet for a week and see if you can see/feel the difference.