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SYDFIT is about exercise, fun (!), nature, and community!

If you enjoy working out with others as a team and if you like functional training, then SYDFIT is for you!

Each session will be 45min-1h in duration.  As we need at least 3 participants to run a class, e-mail confirmations will be sent on the day of the session.

Your first class is always free of charge and obligation – you just need to make the time!

However, at the moment SYDFIT does not accept any new members or clients because we are trying to make the best ice cream in Frankfurt at ANTIPODEAN gelato!

What is SYDFIT? 

SYDFIT is a group exercise concept combining community and the great outdoors. You get personalised training by a certified personal trainer, together with 3-8 other people with similar goals. We offer group training and personal training in Frankfurt am Main. It’s not a bootcamp – it’s SYDFIT!

How often can I train?

SYDFIT workouts are at convenient times for everyone! You can train before, during or after work, Monday through Friday – and sometimes on the weekend, too!  Class times are determined by participants!

How much is it?

SYDFIT workouts are not overpriced! After your first FREE session, you simply pay only €15 per session. There is no obligation or long-term contracts and no other fees!  If you’re still a little unsure, you can bring a friend and train together for FREE!

Where do we train?

In Frankfurt you can choose from three locations: Rothschildpark Westend (the most popular location), Hafenpark (European Central Bank) and Mainufer (north side). We are also open-minded to trialling new locations – just let us know what works for you!


SYDFIT has 3 convenient locations in Frankfurt: Rothschildpark, Hafenpark and the Mainufer Northside.


Between Reuterweg and Oberlindau, across the road from Die Welle (behind Parktower / Freshfields) – on colder/rainier days near the playground.


Just East of the European Central Bank.

Mainufer Ostend

Formerly in Sachsenhausen, now in Ostend: Directly on the Main river / Weseler Werft. Between Flößerbrücke & European Central Bank / EZB.


Who is it for?

SYDFIT workouts are suitable for EVERYONE!  (absolutely everyone!)   All exercises are able to be scaled down for those who are new to the movements, and can be made challenging for those with prior knowledge and technique.

No workout will be too hard or too easy, and emphasis is put on performing the movements correctly as to avoid injury, and properly work the correct muscle groups for each exercise.  Variety is the spice of life, and SYDFIT is all about improvement through variety.

When and for how long?

Sessions will generally go for 45mins-1h (unless otherwise stated), and will consist of:

  • 5 min warm up
  • 10 min skill -practice of movements for the workout
  • 24 min Workout
  • 6 min core strength.

At all times, you’ll have fun and be treated with respect – you won’t be yelled at like in a bootcamp / boot camp.

Why not try a free trial session with SYDFIT?


Rachel Dodoo-Mehl

Rachel Dodoo-Mehl

Hello!  My name is Rachel and I will be your SYDFIT personal trainer in Frankfurt!  I have been involved in the sports and fitness industry for a very long time, and have recently developed a love for group training.

Like most people, motivation is something I sometimes struggle with and the only thing I have found that makes me ‘conquer my inner pig dog’ is training with like minded people.

I aim to offer a very personal,  non-threatening, small group exercise experience for people of all fitness and coordination levels.  Reaching our goals together in the safest way possible is priority number 1! I also offer English-speaking personal training in Frankfurt.


  • Certificate III & IV qualified Personal Trainer (FIA)
  • Only Kettlebell Sports Instructor accredited by the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL) in Germany  (Johann Martin Akademie)
  • Strength & Conditioning course with ASCA
  • TRX Suspension Training Instructor
  • CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer (August 2012 – July 2017)
  • Ex-professional athlete for track and field
  • Represented Australia on the International stage as part of the 2005 Youth Olympic Games
  • Sports Language Trainer for Eintracht Frankfurt Bundesliga Athletics Coach

James English

Hello, My name is James.

I am a qualified personal trainer with a bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science. I have a wealth of experience in the exercise and fitness industry which is something I am extremely passionate about.

I believe personal training and group fitness is so important for a healthy and happy lifestyle, which can always be achieved in a fun and exciting manner.

My coaching experience in the fitness industry has consisted of strength and power training, metabolic conditioning, mobility, stability, flexibility, recovery, nutrition, fat loss, one on one coaching and running mechanics.


  • Certificate III & IV qualified Personal Trainer (FIA)
  • North Coast Academy of Sport (Australia): Strength and Conditioning for young athletes in multiple sports
  • Cronulla Sharks Rugby League: Sport Scientist and Strength and Conditioning coach
  • Bachelor degree in Sport and Exercise Science
  • Level 1 and 2 Strength and Conditioning coach

first-session-free-400x400-sydfitHOW MUCH DOES IT COST?

Your first session is absolutely FREE and comes with ZERO commitment. We hope you love SYDFIT and join us for more sessions though! 🙂

After that, each session costs €15/session. There is NO extra membership fee, club fee, administration fee. Just €15 per session that you attend!

If you haven’t tried SYDFIT yet, contact us and sign up for a FREE, NO COMMITMENT session.

Or find out more about Rachel, your English-speaking Personal Trainer in Frankfurt.

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